Starting Point offers extensive consultation in performance improvement and change.

Work almost always starts by quickly understanding the gap between present performance and capability, and that which is desired. We call this a "from/to" vision. This can be done at an organization, line of business, or objective level.

Once the gap is understood, then Starting Point typically helps articulate in crisp, measurable form the performance challenge to be achieved over the relevant time period (months to years). We then carefully help clients establish and achieve "early wins" that establish energy and momentum, build capability, and engage more and more staff to join the change process.

We use the basic concept of "Design/Do", meaning that while designing larger scale change processes, we begin with "doing" - that is, the accomplishment of a steady stream of early wins in these categories:

  • Outcome wins: Actual results, related to investment return, cost, revenue, cycle time, profit, and other "positive yields"
  • Process wins: Key accomplishments en route to outcome wins, such as key approvals, major milestones met, successful major meetings, etc.
  • Insight wins: Key learning, sometimes from failure, sometimes from research, that clarify important issues
  • Capability wins: New skills or capacities developed, such as systems or data enhancements, or simpler more effective processes

Throughout this effort, Starting Point introduces a manageable, absorbable set of tools, concepts, and approaches that underlie successful performance improvement and change initiatives across many industries and sectors.

We then build a modest review process that captures successes and learning, and work with the leadership team to steadily build the effort.

This is in contrast to other approaches that require a tremendous investment of upfront analysis, training, etc. before delivering reinforcing results. Starting Point's work in this area at Dun & Bradstreet and OSHA has been profiled in numerous books, including High Impact Consulting by Robert Schaffer and Masterful Coaching by Robert Hargrove.